Fortune Favors The Foolish

Let It Shine

That’s my picture for the 365project yesterday.

The first week made it seem easy. The project was just beginnning, so anything was an option. I could take a picture of going to the gym for the first time this year, or the first day at work this year, or the first hike of the year, or whatever. And then I went to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and, really, didn’t have to work too terribly hard to find pictures to submit. (Well, there was that one day before I flew out, but, in general …)

But now I’m back, and settling into routine. And it’s becoming more work to find good pictures. And I struggle with the issue of representative pictures versus artistic pictures. Part of the point of the project for me is to document my year in photos; part of it is to work on my photography. So do I err on the side of finding a picture that captures that day when I look back, or do I err on the side of pushing my artistic capabilities. (Answer: Probably the former, since I’m better at it than the latter.)

Last night’s picture was taken after I got back from the movie. It was late; I was tired. I needed something to post, and had taken only one picture all day, and it really wasn’t 365project material. (Actually, it was for a blog post I’ll have to write soon.) So I played around and got that shot.

It’s not brilliant, but it will do.

One more day down. It’s gonna be a long year.