The List

“Make voyages! Attempt them! There’s nothing else.” — Tennessee Williams

I wrote a post on here about the idea of a Bucket List, though really, that’s not exactly what I’m aiming for.

As I told a friend, this list isn’t really about what I want to do before I die; it’s less about ending my life than beginning it. There are a lot of things I would never have really considered doing because there were too many obstacles, or the time wasn’t right. I’ve decided it’s time to stop waiting for the time to be right and to start doing things.

I unofficially made that decision last year, so I’ll start my “Accomplished” list with those things, but I’m really officially beginning this project in March 2010. The To Do list is rather skimpy to begin with, but that’s the point — I need a place to actually maintain it as I think of new things.

The rules of the list are this:

  1. Items on it have to be moderately substantial, either in scope or in importance to me. “Try the new burger at McDonald’s” doesn’t qualify. “Try the new burger at the McDonalds in Moscow” might. Something I’ve wanted to eat my entire life, but never have, no matter how mundane, would qualify.
  2. Items on the list have to be things I want to do. No matter how many people say you should do _________ before you die, if I don’t want to personally, it’s not going on the list.
  3. Items on the list have to be doable, and ideally in the near-term. (Five years, maybe?) As much as I would like to go on a suborbital spaceflight, I don’t have the means of doing so right now. If I can’t ensure that I can do it if I choose, it can’t go on the list.

    That said, I’m not binding myself to the near-term thing, if I realize that doing X in the next five years means not doing Y that I’d rather do, X is going to get pushed back. I’m just not going to push in back in favor of doing nothing.

  4. Life happens. If I get a chance to do something that’s completely unexpected and not on the list, you do it. When you’re offered free accomodations to go to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, you take them, you know?
  5. The rules of the list can be changed at any time.

Suggestions, and your stories, are very much appreciated. And, hey, if you see anything you’d want to join in on, let’s talk.

List items that I’ve actually done, since April 2009.

Items that I have already planned.

  • Pending

Items that I could do, I just have to schedule.

Items that I think are doable, but I have no idea how to do.

  • Go On An Overnight Hiking Trip — 2010
  • Write A Non-Space History Book — 2012

Items that are really just candidates for possible inclusion at this point.

  • Visit Another Country
  • Go to Space Camp
  • Perform A Stand-Up Act
  • Go On A Cruise
  • Get A Tattoo

Items that I like the idea of, but that break Rule 3.

  • Go On A Mission Trip — Possibilities
  • Visit Every NASA Center
  • Have A Family

One Response

  1. May 27-31, Rosemont, IL

    The National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference is where astronauts, scientists, entrepreneurs, officials, activists and other citizens who look forward to the “final frontier” gather each year. Regular features include talks by government and industry leaders, panels on the latest developments in space technology and related fields, exhibits from NASA and private space companies, and an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the people who make the future happen.

    The 2010 International Space Development Conference will include a thorough look at where the space program stands after the Augustine Report, a cutting edge symposium on satellite-based solar power generation, and a great deal more. A summary of the Major Program Themes provides additional detail.

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