One Night With The King

The concert last night was great, and I had a great time. I had a great dinner with a good friend before braving the icy cold, which I was very glad didn’t cancel the concert. B.B. has gotten old since the first time I saw him 13 years ago; it was very apparent as he made his way onto stage. And, at times, it seemed like perhaps he was a little less crisp than the last time I saw him.

That said — wow. The power behind his voice at 84 years old is just amazing, and he and Lucille still create sounds that no one else on Earth can. Simply phenomenal. I was very very glad that I went to go see him do a real concert. Another item off the bucket list.

Also, another item of the to-do list for the week. I still need to get organized for my trip before I leave Sunday, and I have friends from Mississippi coming into town tonight. It’ll all get done. Really.

As a bonus, this is my 365project pic for today; an Apollo-inspired snow picture:

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