The Good Book

I’d been interested in seeing The Book of Eli. Not necessarily compellingly so, but in a “if I were going to see a movie, that looks like one of the better ones out now” sort of way. But then this morning, one of my pastors’ Facebook status was that you must go see this movie, and another friend had posted that she wanted to see it. So I wrapped up what I was doing, and went to the first possible show.

Wow. I’m glad I did.

It sort of spoke to some stuff I’ve been dealing with personally, but there was also some general application stuff in there that I’ll be interested to discuss. Basically, I could rewrite my sermon post yesterday from the movie (despite the fact that there are no sermons in it).

That aside, it was an enjoyable piece of cinema as well. Visually, it was more than a little impressive. And in the last month, I’ve seen two consecutive movies with Sam Elliott followed by two consecutive movies with Tom Waits, which makes for some good viewing.

Should anyone be interested, I might could be talked into going and seeing it again. A second viewing might be a good thing.