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One More Night

trail of the shuttle through night sky

Launch of STS-128 in August 2009. Photo by Ben Cooper, courtesy of APOD.

OK, I will preface this by saying that it’s both a very bad idea, and very unlikely. But …

I just read this week that STS-130, currently scheduled for the wee morning hours of Sunday, Feb. 7, is scheduled to be the last night launch of the space shuttle.

As I watched Atlantis rise into the sky back in May on the STS-125 mission, there was a moment of contentment that after three tries over three years and an investment of hundreds of dollars, I had succeeded in watching a shuttle launch, and could cross that of my list. I’d done it, and didn’t need to do it again. I’d seen what it was like.

This was, of course, followed fairly shortly thereafter by the thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if there are any night launches left?”

So, since I’ll have just returned from Vegas a few weeks earlier, and will have just started a new contract at work (uh, assuming they can get me hired), I really don’t need to even think about another launch trip. But, you know, Ares I-X left me wondering if maybe another shuttle launch might be better, and …

Point being, anyone interested in driving to Florida in a month?