A League Of Our Own

OK, one of the things I’ve been needing to catch up on for a while — the Fantasy Film League.

I wrote about it a while back; it’s the movie-buff equivalent of a Fantasy Football League, in which players pick actors and a director for their film cast, and then their fantasy film makes money based on the box office receipts of actual movies starring those actors.

I created a sub-league for readers of my blog, but never found out who was involved.

As of this writing, in first place in the sub-league is Heather’s movie, “Well-Behaved Straw Cage,” which is also number 22 of 170 films in the entire contest.

I’m in second with “All The Queen’s Men.”

Rounding out the league table are “Boom Goes Your Theater,” “Why Not Us,” and “Sepulchre,” but I don’t know who’s films those are. Will the responsible auteur’s please step forward?