Short Review: Subway Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich


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I like barbecue. A lot.

I like barbecue in all its myriad forms. I love ribs. Wet ribs. Dry ribs. Half-and-half ribs. Dreamland ribs that are wet ribs but aren’t like other wet ribs. Those beef ribs they serve in Texas. I like barbecued chickens, cows, turkeys, pigs. Ideally in the same meal. I like half-chickens, beef brisket, pulled pork.

So when I was in Nashville a few months ago and saw an ad at a Subway for a pulled pork sandwich, I knew I had to try it. I searched all over town when I got back, and couldn’t find a Subway here selling it. I searched online, and found only the barest of mention that it exists.

And then, this week, I saw it advertised at a Subway here. And so, I tried it.

The problem I have is this — It’s one of Subway’s premium subs. It’s not bad. It’s about as good as any sub I’ve had at Subway. It’s a perfectly serviceable pulled pork sub.

But at eight bucks for a footlong, it’s the most expensive barbecue sandwich I ever had. But I can’t really say that it’s the best barbecue sandwich I’ve ever had.

On the other hand, the barbecue sauce now joins Subway’s array of condiments (not sure if that’s a permanent addition, or only for the limited time they offer this sandwich), which means you can put it on anything else. I doubt I’ll pay another eight bucks for the pulled pork sub, but I very well may experiment with making some other sort of barbecue sub for cheaper.