Song Challenge Day 3 — A Song That Makes Me Happy

To make the Post A Day 2011 challenge a bit more bearable, I’ve set up a couple of regular features. Saturdays are for reviews (yesterday being an exception) and Sundays are for song lyrics. But I’m out of song lyric ideas, so I wanted a new regular Sunday feature. Keeping the music theme I’ve been using, I’m undertaking the 30 Day Song Challenge as a weekly project.

Week 2 — A Song That Makes Me Happy

“Song of Hope,” Robbie Seay Band

This song makes me happy.

It’s like crazy catchy and peppy and fun. So that goes a long way.

It says you should sing a song of hope. And, conveniently, it IS a song of hope. It’s like a prescription that’s also the medicine.

The lyrics may be a bit repetitive, but they’re repeating stuff like sing and hope and God and heaven. So there’s that.

I’ve got to be in a pretty bad mood that I can’t just turn this song on, crank it up, roll down the windows, and sing along badly and feel better as a result.