Fifty Years Ago Today

We live in interesting times when it comes to human space exploration.

I daresay there has not been a crossroads more vital in the field since Kennedy gave that speech than there is today.

The shuttle has only one launch remaining. The future is still unwritten.

For many, the idea of recapturing the accomplishments that followed this speech is difficult to imagine.

But, the truth is, while I, too, have a hard time imagining anyone reaching the moon in eight years, I think we are closer today to recreating that sort of magic than we have been in a very long time.

I do not think that magic will be the result of the marshalling of the formidable American will as it was 50 years ago.

Rather, I think it will be a different sort of magic, created by a handful of dreamers.

Space is shifting from the hands of government into the hands of industry.

And, increasingly, there are those out there — people who grew up watching Apollo and believing in magic — who have the ability to create a little of their own.

The tipping point has not quite yet arrived.

But, when it does …

Interesting times, indeed.