Song Challenge Week 8 — A Song You Know All The Words To

OK, I started this quite a while back and then dropped the ball, but I’m going to try picking up the 30 Day Song Challenge again as a weekly project.

Week 8 — A Song You Know All The Words To

“What About Everything,” Carbon Leaf

Another hard one. As a writer, I take the words of songs seriously, so it’s a rare song that I don’t like at least in part because of the lyrics, and that means I’m know the words to almost all of my favorite songs. So which one to pick?

I considered “Loser,” by Beck, just because it’s one I’m particularly “proud” of knowing all of the words to. Proud in quotes because it’s not a particularly worthwhile skill, but it’s not exactly one where you can just guess the next line, you know?

But there’s not much of a story there, so I’ll go with “What About Everything?” by Carbon Leaf.

I’d been dating a girl who shared the band’s “Life Less Ordinary” with me, but she had gotten it from another ex, so that was all she had of theirs. I liked the song enough that I figured it was worth getting the CD, “Indian Summer,” to see if there was anything else we liked on it.

We put the CD in the car stereo on the way to Athens. We got as far as the second track before we stopped. “What About Everything?” is still right up alongside with “Life Less Ordinary” and a handful of others among my favorite Carbon Leaf songs, and it was love at first listen.

So we played it again.

And there were some parts we weren’t sure what they were saying, so I got out the lyrics, and we played it again.

By the fourth time we played it, we were starting to pick it up.

By the time we got to Athens, we still hadn’t listened to the third track, but we knew “What About Everything?” perfectly, word-for-word.

To this day, I still love most playing it in the car on a sunny day, singing along, word-for-word.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Aging At The Carbon Leaf Concert

I discovered Carbon Leaf as a fluke. My ex-fiancée had inherited one of their songs from her ex-fiancé (now her husband, go figure), and she shared it with me.

That song was “Life Less Ordinary,” and it is, in fact, awesome.

Based on that one song, I bought the CD it was on, “Indian Summer.” When I first got the CD, I got as far as track two, “What About Everything,” and played it over and over until I knew all the words before moving on to track three.

Eventually, I moved on to an earlier CD, “Echo Echo,” which has such awesome songs as “The Boxer” and “Mary Mac” and “Desperation Song.”

I’ve had them on my concert to-do list for quite a while, but it’s never worked out for me to make one of their shows when they’ve been anywhere near here. But when I was trying to figure out something cool to do for my birthday, I saw that they were going to be at Workplay in Birmingham, and decided that this time I needed to make it happen.

I did, and it was awesome.

The show was great fun, I shared it with good company, and I got to mark turning 36 at the concert, so a win all around.

The lighting taxed my poor iPhone camera, but I got a few shots I was pleased with.