Apollo Moonlander Game

So back in the day, my coworker Tim Whitten created this moonlander game, using actual photos from the Apollo missions. It’s pretty cool, and to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t exist anywhere else now, so I thought I’d share it.

Apollo Moonlander Game


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  1. And then Atari made some moonlander game about the same time as asteroids. In the 1970s.
    Are you still into space and astronomy? That is a real crappy deal that the Kepler telescope malfunctioned.
    I go on the blogs and people are just bashing NASA, they don’t care about real space exploration. If it isn’t some thing about private space exploration, then they are mad that NASA is holding out on them, these alien believers, that they are in the know about aliens. Don’t want to tell the public. What kind of world are we in? After John F Kennedy’s speech and now we spend billions on wars. Billions that could be spent on space mission more robots to Mars. And Europa, wouldn’t you like to know what is in the ocean on that?
    People need to get their heads out of the gutter. And stop looking at you like you are some terrorist because you want the money spent on science programs and getting us back on the game as a space exploring country, not a country for wars.

    Space, not government, and that we need..No aliens Well Dragon X, yeah ok…. I think a cool question you could have asked (or whoever) They want to donate billions to find an ET?

    Water pumps in space capsules do they ever go out?

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