I’ve Been Put In My Place

I’ve been put in my place. By a really good friend, no less.

More to the point, I was featured this week on the “Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place” podcast.

I know Jason, of course, through Comic Science Improv, but he has an entire creative life outside of that, which has brought him some cool national attention, including recognition from groups like iTunes and The Onion.

Jason’s “Puts You In Your Place” podcast is a great series that provides interesting perspective on the creative process, and how that’s linked to the places that shape a person.

But the reason the podcast works so well is the same reason Jason’s such a good friend — he’s just darned good to talk to. No matter who he talks with on his podcasts, they become interesting, because Jason’s interested in them.

So, feel free to listen to Jason and I talk about Mississippi and rockets and Huntsville and stuff.

But stick around afterwards (or, heck, skip me and go straight to this) and listen to some of his others. Jason has a real talent, and you’ll really enjoy hearing what people have to say to him.

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