Memories of Meals Past


Another post from the Rocket City Bloggers Year-Long Blogging Challenge: “This week we reminisce a bit…what is the most memorable meal you have ever had?”

I actually spent some time trying to think about this one before realizing that defeated the purpose: Even if there are seemingly better answers, the first thing to come to mind is, by definition, the most memorable, right?

I find that the meal I talk about the most, foodwise, was at Steak On A Stone in Cleveland, Ohio. I’d gone up there on a business trip to NASA’s Glenn Research Center, and our point-of-contact for the trip accompanied us there for dinner one night. Basically, your steak (or other meat) is served to you seared but raw with a super-heated lava stone, which holds heat for the entire meal. You cut your steak one bite at a time, and cook each bite individually on the stone, so that every single bit is cooked exactly to your tastes. Which was, in fact, tasty. The meal was served with a variety of dipping sauces that also amped up the personalization. While I didn’t try it myself, I also recall there being either an appetizer or dessert that was set afire, resulting in a collection of scorch-marks on the ceiling.

The result was a meal that was memorable for both the food, the experience and the uniqueness; not a bad combination at all.

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