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Archie Manning's uniform number as the officia...

Archie Manning’s uniform number as the official speed limit on campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking at the stats for my blog, I am amused by some of the things people have run searches for recently that have led them here. (This is something that generally amuses my friend Richie also, leading me to name these posts for him.) Here are some examples from the last month:

  • fireworks in my pocket — Ow.
  • huntsville depot for the stars and stripes — This one’s not that amusing; I just wanted to say it’s a great program and teachers should take their students to it.
  • is it unrealistic to give up social media for lent — Yes.
  • skydining playlist — I’m assuming this is a typo, but I like the idea that somewhere you can jump out of an airplane and enjoy a tasty meal on the way down. And, apparently, listen to music. I want to do this. Please?
  • story of a happy birthday for my dad 150 words — “I appreciate the sentiment, son, but could you be more concise about it next time?”
  • old miss picture adult — I’m not sure if I want this one to have meant Ole Miss, or not.
  • if you could turn back time question academically — “I’m earning my PhD in Cher Studies …”
  • — “If only I could find a website dedicated to this topic.”

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