Comedy Meets Reality


According to the agreement we signed, we’re only allowed to talk about the aspects of the event that are public domain.

My improv troupe, Comic Science Improv, auditioned recently for the America’s Got Talent television competition.

That’s in the public domain — possibly because we were shown briefly on Birmingham TV news, and definitely because the AGT folks tweeted about us by name.

They were holding auditions in Birmingham this month, and for reasons that aren’t public domain but are really cool, we decided to go down and try out.

I also won’t talk about the actual audition or how we did, but that’s OK, because that’s not the most interesting part anyway.

The highlight for me came before the actual audition, while we were biding our time in the holding room with other auditioners. With time to kill, to get ready for the audition, we started doing warm-ups. We started drawing attention, and after a bit people starting coming up and asking if they could join us. Our group kept getting bigger and louder and more energetic, and drew more attention, until some of the AGT staff came over and started watching us — finally coming over to get our Twitter information so they could tweet about us.

It was neat watching. I personally think we’re pretty darned talented, but, seeing people join our circle, it was inarguable evidence of just how FUN this group is. People were excited to come see us, to be part of what we were doing. They asked where we were from, and offered to be groupies. In a room full of talented people, Comic Science stood out.

I was proud of my troupe. Very. Proud of their work, their talent, of what they do. But even more than that, I was proud to be a part of this group. Watching the players, you just couldn’t help but see not only how much these people enjoy what they do, but also how much they enjoy each other. How close this group is, how they work together, how they play together. These are my friends, my improv family.

Regardless of whether we ever hear anything from the audition, the whole trip was worth it just to see Comic Science holding court in the holding room.

3 Responses

  1. How awesome David!!!! Can’t wait to hear more and actually get to SEE YOU guys and gals perform!!!

  2. Thanks! Hope you can make it soon!

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