The Science Of Improv


Back in the good old days when I was blogging regularly, I wrote from time to time about Face2Face Improv, the live comedy troupe of which I was a member.

Back in early July, Face2Face had its last show.

A few days after F2F’s 10th anniversary(!) show, artistic director Gene Banks announced that he was shutting down the troupe. Since it was an official business wholly owned by Gene, the Face2Face Improv troupe ceased to exist.

Several of us, however, weren’t quite ready to be done.

And thus, Comic Science Improv was born.

Comic Science performs shows in a similar vein to Face2Face — short, games-based improv scenes based on audience suggestions, much like the old Who’s Line Is It Anyway show on ABC. Performances are appropriate, and entertaining, for all audiences. The core of the troupe consists of Face2Face veterans, but new faces are already making their way into shows.

I’m serving as the first director of the new troupe, and I am so incredibly proud of the work that everyone has been doing. We’ve launched several new games, performed at a new venue, and everyone is really bringing new things in their performances. We’re working to get the word out — We have a Facebook page, a and a Pinterest account, and are working to get a web page online. We were also featured recently in The Huntsville Times and, which was pretty cool.

So, point being, you should come see us perform. We’ll be at the following venues in the next month or so. More details can be found on the Facebook page:

— Acting Up Academy on Whitesburg Drive on Saturday, December 8, at 7 p.m.

— The Tinsel Trail at Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville on December 15.

— Santa’s Village in downtown Huntsville on December 23rd.

— Acting Up Academy on Whitesburg Drive on Saturday, January 5.

(Also, we may be auditioning for a television show soon, but if that happens, it’ll merit its own post.)

Come check us out! We hope to see you soon!

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