My Own Last Client

So I never officially stopped blogging.

You can tell, because anyone who officially stops blogging is required by law to write a post about the fact that they’re totally done blogging, and I never did that.

I did, however, mean to write a post saying that I would probably be pretty low-key for a while, but I never did that, either. And “a while” lasted much longer than I intended. And, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure that it’s over.

A while back, I was talking with a graphic designer about doing some work, and she asked that we not judge her by her own website. “I’m my own last client,” she explained. If she’s going to be doing web design work, she’s going to be doing it first and best for her customers, not herself.

I like it, and I’m stealing it. Certainly, when it comes to this blog, I’ve been my own last client. I’ve done a good bit of writing; I just haven’t been doing it here. Most of it’s not been blogging, but if you happen to miss my blogging, I do still blog regularly for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

Basically, I realized a while back that I was about to be too busy to make this a priority. That busy period has lasted longer than I expected and is still very much going on, but if I’m not officially back, I’m at least taking a break from my break because there are things I want to write about — primarily, all the reasons I’ve been too busy to write. (And to assure that it actually happens, I’m not going to publish this post until I have some of the others ready to go.)

Oh, and that picture — that’s not entirely about my return to blogging; but we’ll get to that eventually, too.