Regular Richie Feature

My friend Richie enjoys seeing the search strings that led people to my blog, so every so often I post them for him. Here are some of the highlights from searches from the last month or so:

Artistic angle of a pencil sharpner

Artistic angle of a pencil sharpner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • i had chicken tenders for lunch today blog — I’ve always thought my blog would do better if it had a unified theme. This could totally be it — every day I blog about the chicken tenders I had for lunch. The checks should start coming in any minute now.
  • why is there no weightlessness in apollo 18? — You’d be surprised at how many people believe astronauts were actually weightless on the moon. Well, you would if you were me.
  • could you live without internet for a month — No.
  • pencil sharpeners are the bane of my existence — This search makes me happy, since it proves I’m not the only one.
  • lazy reporter stories  — I started working on a post about this, but then
  • little river canyon rope swing — Speaking of banes of my existence.
  • barnes & noble (red velvet cheesecake) — This. Eat this. Now.
  • alien movie where aliens come out of the earth — Are they really aliens, then?
  • hide your kids hide your wives — The Utah version.
  • failed at pampered chef — Now, this, on the other hand, could be the theme of my blog, if I did more parties. I’ve had more than one experiment that didn’t quite turn out the way I thought. They’re generally entertaining, though, and mostly tasty.
  • cambodian mullet — When I start my pro wrestling career, this is going to be name wrestling name.

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