Song Challenge Week 12 — A Song From A Band You Hate

OK, I started this quite a while back and then dropped the ball, but I’m going to try picking up the 30 Day Song Challenge again as a weekly project.

Song Challenge Week 12 — A Song From A Band You Hate

“Arms Wide Open,” Creed

There’s not a lot of bands I hate. These days, there’s enough options out there that, if I don’t like listening to a particular band, I just don’t. Why waste time developing an antipathy for a band when you could spend the same time investing in a love for something else?

That said, I’ve never liked Creed, and I most likely never will.

Couldn’t even tell you why. They just rub me the wrong way.

So there you go.

2 Responses

  1. I think band hate is a throwback to radio days. Most people had only one station they listened too regularly. And when a band you didn’t like came on, you pretty much had to endure it until the next song came on to relieve your anguish. It was like the station farted in your car and it took three minutes to air it out. So vitriolic hatred was inevitable.

  2. It’s amazing how much medium affects your interaction with music.

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