Regular Richie Feature

My friend Richie enjoys seeing the search strings that led people to my blog, so every so often I post them for him. Here are some of the highlights from searches from the last month or so:

Star Gazing Farm

Star Gazing Farm (Photo credit: sneakerdog)

  • why is the subway pulled pork so expensive? — Pulling the pig behind the subway isn’t that hard, but picking up the pork bits afterwards takes some time, you know?
  • luxury of knowing lyrics — I want to live in a country where knowing lyrics isn’t a luxury, it’s a right!
  • notable words from prometheus — “engineers, faith, father, why, aaaaaaah!” You’re welcome.
  • i’d rather be a hammer than a knife — Also, I’d rather be a screwdriver than a spoon.
  • moby dick die — The new adaptation from the makers of “Kill Mo’ Mockingbird.”
  • hipster stargazing — Yeah, when I started, it was still nebula-gazing. Just sayin’
  • good neighbear — In a world with better marketing, the Star Farm bear would have eaten that gecko already.
  • “oh no! promootheus.” — This search makes me happy.
  • skydiving gift quotes — “Never look a gift skydiver in the mouth.” ‘Cause they might land on you or something. (Hey, they can’t all be gold.)
  • lori mckenna the moat — Presumably they were looking for “The Most,” but if Lori McKenna had an upcoming album of castle-themed songs, I would still listen to it.
  • devil fiddler — I have no comment about this one. It speaks for itself.
  • pampered chef guy version — A/k/a “Fire And Knives” (Cooking needs that Pampered Chef can totally help with, by the way.)
  • “wookiee jesus” — I’m not even on the top couple of pages of results for this one.
  • animal planet haunting demon— “They say there’s a demon that lives at Animal Planet, and that whoever challenges him will die.”

3 Responses

  1. Speaking of regular features, I stole an idea from you and challenged soon-to-be unemployed News employees to come up with songs for the “break-up.” I started it off with “You Dropped a Bomb on Me.”

  2. Nice. Any other highlights?

  3. “Moby Dick die” is a revie of the book

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