Song Challenge Week 10 — A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

OK, I started this quite a while back and then dropped the ball, but I’m going to try picking up the 30 Day Song Challenge again as a weekly project.

Song Challenge Week 10 — A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

“Insensitive,” Jann Arden

I’m afraid I have to cheat a bit this week.

I always turn the television and radio off when I’m going to bed, and don’t remember the last time I fell asleep to music. So, right now, there’s really not a song that qualifies for this week’s topic.

However, that wasn’t always true.

I used to, at times, play music when I was going to sleep.

Another habit I used to have that has gotten much better over the years — but in this case hasn’t gone away completely — is that when I found a new song I liked, I would play it ad nauseum to a ridiculous extent. I’ll still play it a few times now, just to get a feel for it, and I might leave a CD in the car for a while, but nothing like I used to be.

So of all the songs that would qualify, from back in the days that I would fall asleep to music, the one that stands out the most, 16 years later, is Jann Arden’s “Insensitive.”

I heard it on the radio, and really liked it. So I bought the CD single. And played it, a lot.

At the most extreme, when I first got it, I would put the single on repeat in my CD player, and go to sleep to it. One song. Repeating. All night.

Amazingly, even after that, I still like the song.