Here’s an odd sort of post with an odd sort of admission, but I thought some of the people who read from the Rocket City Bloggers community, among others, might be interested in a discussion of what goes on behind the veil.

I haven’t blogged in too long.

For the reader, hopefully, there’s no sense of that. As I’m writing this, there was one post that came two hours too late for my every-other-day schedule I try to maintain. For the reader, you’re reading this well after that gap, and I haven’t missed a beat for days.

Behind the scenes, however — I’ve written two posts already today, but before that, I hadn’t written anything on here in three weeks. Which is much better than the dry spells I’d been going through, but it still too long for someone who calls himself a writer to go without writing.

And I haven’t completely gone without writing. I also blog for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, though similar to this, I write in spurts rather than regularly. And I’ve been working on my second book again, productively, and that’s been wonderful.

But as a blogger, I find that both inspiration and time to write come in chunks rather than an even flow. Ideas pop up sporadically, and, when they do, I create a draft post with, if nothing else, a title, and perhaps some links or jotted thoughts. Some of these are picked up quickly, some linger for weeks or  months. But actually writing is a more rare thing.

It feels a bit like cheating, posting things that were actually written much earlier, but nobody would actually want to read this if I posted it like I write it — nothing for weeks and then 10 posts at a time.

I’d be curious to hear from other bloggers out there — how about you? Do you write fresh each time, or are there periods where the muses are more kind than others?

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  1. Great topic idea. I was just going to post something like this on our group page about editorial calendar but thought better of it because I didn’t want to hear from the smart ass people who only blog for pleasure. I do blog for pleasure but I also keep an editorial calendar to help me focused. Some folks don’t need this or even want this because then they “feel” pigeon-holed or whatever and for them it takes the “fun” out of blogging. For me, though, part of the fun IS doing the editorial calendar. Would love to see you at the next meeting David.

  2. OH, and would love to see what your photo is of but it is broken from my viewing position.

  3. OH MY GOSH!! Picture problem fixed. THAT is awesome. Where’d you get that?

  4. Thanks! I need to post it to the group.

    Where’d I get the pic? I took it at Starbucks. I like it bc it actually shows a couple of draft posts yet to be published.

  5. David, I think she means the keypad. : )

    For the Dining Dragon I post once a week and I write…once a week. I keep telling myself I will get ahead and I do get the meals eaten, the notes taken, and then….yea. On that blog though, I don’t feel that I can get TOO far ahead or it’s no longer true/relevant by the time I post.

    For my personal blog, I post when I have something to say, but on days when I find myself with 10 things to say, I schedule them in advance, precisely so that it is a bit more balanced. I keep a running list of “things I want to blog about” in my head, and if I’m stuck I’ll check my Flickr stream for recent notable events to be blogged (I post a picture with pretty much every post). When my headspace starts filling up, I create draft posts to help me remember what I wanted to write about.

  6. Oh, that makes more sense. I was so focused on whether the picture was showing up or not. I got the keypad via for twenty bucks.

    And I do plan to make the next meeting, now that we’ve shifted away from Wednesdays.

    Timeliness is also an issue for me; I shuffle posts around sometime to make sure the most time-sensitive have priority.

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