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Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend Richie enjoys seeing the search strings that led people to my blog, so every so often I post them for him. Here are some of the highlights from searches from the last month or so:

  • “communion by intention”
  • cool hairstyles for high school boys — I really doubt they found what they were looking for here
  • stories in my pocket h that good no thats bad
  • demand curve for metallica — Curve over time? Musical taste? IQ?
  • what bad things people are saying about the space & rocket center
  • falling airplane & air pockets
  • horrible pampered chef stories
  • texting while driving
  • a time to kill john grisham — No! Don’t do it!
  • dragon quest in my pocket — That’s what she said. Or something.
  • chicken bad word — Trust me, even if I knew bad words in chicken, you don’t want to tick one off
  • what is a bad book — An unfinished one.
  • what kind of word is actually — Is actually what!? Don’t keep me in suspense…
  • epic rope swing across canyon — ‘Cause that’s totally the sort of thing I write about doing.
  • guy in pantyhose starbucks — That, on the other hand, was not me. I swear.
  • font the i am second?
  • rhett butler and scarlett book — Please please please tell me you weren’t trying to find out what book they were in.
  • hey you what did you say about my momma — I said your momma is so fly, Delta brags about how much they love her.

3 Responses

  1. Mine are not nearly that interesting…All the top spots are taken up by variations on “the crucifixion of Jesus,” in all kinds of languages and combinations.

    Refreshing to see a complimentary “yo-mama” joke. 🙂

  2. It speaks highly of your blog, though, that it can pull people in with a common search string like that. There’s a lot of places that search could take them, it’s cool that it’s taking them to you.

    I have several less interesting search strings that make up the bulk of my traffic, but a few interesting ones pop up in the one-off searches.

  3. “communion by intention”

    yes, I INTEND to commune, yes ….

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