Regular Richie Feature

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving (Photo credit: John Kotsifas)

My friend Richie enjoys seeing the search strings that led people to my blog, so every so often I post them for him. Here are some of the highlights from searches from the last month or so:

  • he used same song for two women
  • stories of wanting something but not being able to remember the word you want
  • mentos space program
  • текстура матрица
  • wrote 8 -made marks on the surface by aldrin
  • scary heights
  • abraham and the stars
  • a model parachute falling towards earth
  • the word possible
  • “burn them thoroughly” lyric
  • mosin nagant stories
  • radio as a friend
  • short dawg manley in my pocket перево
  • can you scuba dive to the titanic
  • scripture about technology
  • “york region police”
  • amount of money spent on texting accidents
  • pampered chef wrap song
  • why are they not weightless apollo 18 film
  • fair skinned klingons
  • growing a mullet 2013
  • brilliant words
  • ted danson at the bluebird cafe
  • “always a groom never a bride”
  • took off shoes stink