Let Them Eat Cake — Conveniently!

I’ve written on here just a little about my experiences selling Pampered Chef, but it hadn’t occurred to me to actually write about Pampered Chef products until I saw in my search stats that people were coming to my blog looking for that sort of info.

So I hope you’ll pardon me if I indulge myself slightly writing about what is almost certainly my favorite Pampered Chef product so far — the Round Covered Baker.

The Round Covered Baker is a new product, a smaller (and cheaper) version of a Pampered Chef classic, the Deep Covered Baker, which was one of the first PC products I ever heard about. The person who was showing it to me called it “the magic pot.” You can use it in the microwave, freezer and oven, and in the microwave, the results are basically like oven baking at microwave speeds, which is sort of awesome. With it, you can microwave casseroles, cakes, chicken breasts, and on and on.

The Deep Covered Baker is a little on the pricier end of the Pampered Chef spectrum, and a little large for my needs, so while it was definitely on my eventual “to get” list, it wasn’t at the top.

And then, earlier this year, I went to the Pampered Chef Spring Launch event in Atlanta, where they revealed the new products being released for spring. And, yeah, there was some cool stuff — I will be obtaining the french fry cutter and the brownie pan post haste. But, for me, the highlight was, without question, the Round Covered Baker. And, better yet, because I’d hosted two shows in December, I was going to be getting one for free. I’ll be honest with you — as much as I’m enjoying Pampered Chef, I had no idea how excited I could get about a PC conference, but, yeah, at that point, I was a happy happy man.

Around the same time, I came across a recipe that I’d seen before, but was much more interested in this time. The recipe was for a “Soda Can Cake,” and it goes like this — you take a box of cake mix. You take a can of soda. You pour the soda into the cake mix. You beat them together, and then bake it. No eggs, no anything. Just cake mix and soda. And you get to pick what kind of cake mix and soda you want to use, with any number of fun variations possible. Just playing with orange soda, I’ve made tasty combinations with chocolate and vanilla cake mixes.

Mix that recipe with the round covered baker, and making a cake becomes crazy easy. I can go from start to finish making a cake in 10 minutes. I’ve finished supper, decided that I wanted dessert, and in no time at all, been eating a freshly baked cake. And that’s just kind of cool.

It’s not the only reason to buy one of the covered bakers, and probably not even the best. But, for me, it’s plenty of reason enough.