Drawing On New Experiences

Dog drawing lesson step by Michael Thoenes from DrawingTeachers.com

My friend Mathis was kind enough to call me on something.

My friend Michael gave me the opportunity.

I’m grateful to them both.

I was having lunch with Mathis one day a while back, and he was pitching me on a project he thought I should undertake as a potential way to make money. And I was debating why I wasn’t sure that it would actually work as a revenue source. To be fair, I still agree, though I have sort of begun recently to work on the project regardless, just for the sake of doing it.

Mathis finally looked at me, and said, “Fine, let me put it a different way — Get off your butt.”

And he was right. In the three months or so I’d been out of work at that point, I’d written very little. In fact, at that point, I was blogging only very sporadically and had pretty much stopped writing in my journal.

I needed to write.

So I started writing.

First by just taking my blogging more seriously and then by returning to journaling.

And then Michael gave me a chance to do a bit more.

Michael runs the DrawingTeachers.com website, and needed some articles to go on it, so he said he’d pay me to write some for him. I not only have something to write, I’m selling words again! It’s nice.

But I’ve particularly enjoyed it because it’s been a fun challenge. I know very little about drawing, certainly not teaching people to draw, so Michael has given me the information for each page on how to write the articles in such a way as to help people who are looking for the lessons to find them. Basically, I’m learning how to write better for the web, and I’m getting paid to do it. How cool is that!

Feel free to go check out the website, I have my own David Hitt writer page and have several articles up already, with more coming soon:

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  1. Thats a great sketch

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