Life Is Improv

My fellow Face2Face Improv troupemate Wendy Morgan recently wrote a blog post titled Principles To Learn To Be An Effective Actor.

Now, I don’t know enough about scripted acting to speak to how good her principles are for that, but I can tell you that, for improv, her “secrets” are dead on:

1. Listen to who’s talking.
2. Affirm people if at all possible.
3. Care about the other person.
4. Everyone needs to shine.
5. Give, Give, Give.
6. It is not about you.

The cool thing? While these are great principles for acting in an improv scene, really, when you come down to it, that’s not a bad set of rules for life, either, is it?

2 Responses

  1. At a writers conference I attended, I took a workshop by Susan Dansby, who writes soap opera scripts. She was a very dynamic speaker, obviously trained in acting as well as script-writing. One recommendation she made for us fiction writers was to take improv classes. Kind of surprising, but the principles applied well to writing. And like you said, they apply well to life, too!

  2. As both a writer and an actor in scripted performances, improv can be a great tool for really getting inside a character. It’s easy in either of those to take an outside-in approach, focusing on what a character is doing and saying and how that drives things forward, but improv takes an inside-out approach, putting you in the character and focusing on why they’re doing the things they’re doing.

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