Aging At The Carbon Leaf Concert

I discovered Carbon Leaf as a fluke. My ex-fiancée had inherited one of their songs from her ex-fiancé (now her husband, go figure), and she shared it with me.

That song was “Life Less Ordinary,” and it is, in fact, awesome.

Based on that one song, I bought the CD it was on, “Indian Summer.” When I first got the CD, I got as far as track two, “What About Everything,” and played it over and over until I knew all the words before moving on to track three.

Eventually, I moved on to an earlier CD, “Echo Echo,” which has such awesome songs as “The Boxer” and “Mary Mac” and “Desperation Song.”

I’ve had them on my concert to-do list for quite a while, but it’s never worked out for me to make one of their shows when they’ve been anywhere near here. But when I was trying to figure out something cool to do for my birthday, I saw that they were going to be at Workplay in Birmingham, and decided that this time I needed to make it happen.

I did, and it was awesome.

The show was great fun, I shared it with good company, and I got to mark turning 36 at the concert, so a win all around.

The lighting taxed my poor iPhone camera, but I got a few shots I was pleased with.

One Response

  1. I discovered them as a fluke as well. When I worked at Quizno’s, the songs “What About Everything” and “Let Your Troubles Roll By” were on the Muzak player. I went home and, thanks to the power of the Internet, began listening to other songs of theirs, realizing “hey! This is pretty awesome!”

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