Can I be transparent for a moment?

I showed up at tonight’s improv show with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

My house was damaged in the recent storms, and I’m having to deal with that.

The problems will have to be repaired, and that could cost substantial money.

The government is facing a shutdown, and that could mean being furloughed without pay, possibly for weeks.

Couple the loss of pay with the house repairs, and it’s an imposing financial situation.

To say nothing of the traffic ticket still hanging over me.

There’s a round of layoffs coming in my building at work. They say my team is safe — for now — but it’s still scary.

The building flooded over the weekend. It stinks, and the bathrooms don’t work.

Heather and I had to spend time dealing with the challenges that face developing relationships.

I’m sure I could go on. But I think you get the idea.

I showed up late to the improv show. No good excuse, I’d been running an unnecessary errand.

I just was unfocused and didn’t realize how late I was going to be.

So that just added to the stress.

Add to that the fact that I forgot to promote tonight’s show. It’s my job to post it on Facebook and Twitter, and I didn’t.

I figured nobody would be there, and felt guilty about that, too.

And so I had the weight of the world when the show started.

But my troupemate Mathis did a great job rounding up people for the show. A group of eight folks, in Huntsville today visiting the space center on their way from Kentucky to the beach.

And afterwards …

Afterwards, one of the girls in the group followed us upstairs, and asked for our autographs.

That made me happy.

The truth is, even before the show, I’m upstairs feeling sorry for myself and feeling bad about my day.

And realized, how do I complain about a possible weeks-long furlough to the guy that’s been laid off for over a year?

For that matter, how do I complain about my house situation, when I have a coworker who had to move out of hers with her son for weeks so it could be repaired?

How do I complain about the challenges Heather and I have to deal with when I’m very blessed to even have her in my life?

How do I complain about financial stresses when people in my building are being laid off?

I am blessed.

Life’s not perfect. It never is. If you want it to be, you’re always going to be disappointed. And you’re going to miss how good it is.

I am blessed.

Thank you, Father, that I’m in your hands.