Sometimes you’d rather just draw Ninja Turtles than write a blog post.

(Idea stolen from Every Day Is Like Wednesday. I totally think it should be a new meme. If you have a blog, devote a post to drawing ninja turtles. How could it not make the world a better place?)

3 Responses

  1. If I drew ninja turtles each time I didn’t really want to write a blog post (and I could draw ninja turtles halfway decently!), my blog would have lots and lots of turtles on it. Like, a legion. Kind of scary to think about. I might have a new target audience, though: turtle lovers.

  2. Well, you could start with ninja turtles, and then move on to other things. And after a while, you might be more like to have “Sometimes you’d rather write a blog post than draw a ninja turtle” days. 😉

  3. I t really depends on your mood sometimes when you have the urge to draw then go for it.

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