“Duh, Losing” — Of Weight Loss And Haircuts

So after the last weigh-in for the weight-loss contest we’re doing at work, I stalled.

For like a week, I was plateaued in this three-pound-or-so range, and couldn’t break out of it.

It was frustrating.

And then, finally, progress!

Big losses (more than a pound) two days in a row!

Like, three pounds in a two-day period!


But —

On the second day, I’d gotten my haircut.

I mean, like, a serious haircut. Probably the most substantial haircut I’d ever had.

david hitt, haircut

And it occurred to me —

What if that day’s weight loss was really just the haircut?

Could I have had a pound of hair cut from my head?

Heather and I debated it. She pointed out that her pony tail couldn’t weigh a pound. I replied that her pony tail was less hair that I’d had cut. She said that it wasn’t, that her pony tail was most of the hair on her head. I disagreed. Sigh.

But —

Then I realized, that if there’s one thing I’ve learned from romantic comedies in the mid-90s, it’s that the human head weighs eight pounds. (If there’s another, it’s that you should show me the money.)

And there’s no way the hair I had cut off was an eighth of the mass of my head.

So I must be losing weight.


(I’m still not above the idea of getting another drastic haircut before the last weigh-in, though.)