Fear My Fantasy Film, Folks!

It’s that time of year, again!

I wrote last year about the Fantasy Film League, in which you cast your own movie, and it makes money over the course of the year based on the box office performance of your actors and director’s real-world movies.

My movie for last year, “Bible Song,” ended the season around number 30, out of more than 200 movies competing.

The new season is about to start, and I’ve already entered my movie, “All The Queen’s Men.”

I’d love to have you play along.

First, go to the Fantasy Film League homepage and sign in to create your movie.

You’ll be given $70 million to cast your film with, and a price sheet of actors and directors.

Pick a combination six actors and a director whose films you think will make the most money in real life next year.

Then, join my “Movies In My Pocket” private league by using the code 0cd6e69b. That way you can compare results easily with this group, in addition to the entire league.

Let me know which movie you create, and good luck!