Weigh To Go

I woke up last Wednesday morning to discover I was obese.


I have an app on my phone in which I track my weight each day, and it gives me all sorts of interesting stats on my weight, how much I’ve lost, the rate at which I’m losing, etc.

And one of the things it tells me is my BMI, and what it means.

When I started it told me I was Seriously Obese.


When I first started doing a low-carb diet eight years ago, I was Seriously Obese. I managed to work my way back down to Obese, and then just to Overweight.

One one other occasion, I worked back up not only into Obese, but to the upper end of Obese. And then back down to Overweight.

Each time it happens, I say I’m never crossing that line again.

But over the past two years, I’ve worked my way back up from Overweight to Obese to … dun dun dun … Seriously Obese.

And now, back down. It sucks to be on the top side of that line. Heck, it sucks to even be on the bottom side of that line. “Obese” is nothing to be proud of.

But crossing that line — heading downward, at least — is a nice feeling.

And there’s only about 35 pounds until I cross the next one. I’ve done it before. I can do it again.

We had our third weigh-in for the work contest. I didn’t lose nearly as much in the second month as the first, but that’s to be expected. All said, the official tally shows about 21 pounds lost in two months, and Heather is just a bit behind me.

(Of course, just like last time, I promptly went out that weekend and gained some of it back. I did better than last month, though.)

Percentage-wise, I’ve lost eight percent of my weight since the beginning of the contest, and Heather and I are still in first and second place.

I’m incredibly grateful to her for her help. It’s great working together with someone who is at least as dedicated as I am, if not more. It’s wonderful when it comes to picking and preparing meals to be eating the same things, and it’s wonderful having the mutual support and accountability.

Three more months to go.

I want to win this thing.