Not Really A Review At All: “No Strings Attached”


Portman and Kutcher in "No Strings Attached"

I’m jaded.

We went and watched “No Strings Attached.” (We’re not proud. We had the opportunity to watch a movie without the boys, and the options that were playing in the time slot we had were limited, and this was definitely a movie to watch without the boys.)

The girl and the guy meet. And meet again. And meet again. And at some number meeting, end up in bed.

She has no desire to be in a “relationship.” She does have physical urges. He agrees to address the latter while avoiding the former.

<<Spoiler warning for those who have never watched a movie before>>

Against her plans, she falls for him. She decides that with him she does want a relationship. They end up together.

The End.


Except that it’s “The End” because this is a movie, and movies run for some amount of time and stop.

Real life is a little more messy.

Falling in love and starting a relationship is not, in real life, The End.

In real life, that’s just The Beginning.

And this is why I say I’m jaded. At The End of “No Strings Attached” I couldn’t imagine any scenario in which The End is followed by “And they all lived happily ever after.”

I give them six months. A year, tops.

And it made me wonder if it even matters any more.

It used to be that the happy ending of a romantic movie was that you could imagine them growing old together.

I couldn’t imagine these characters growing old together.

Has it become enough just to end up together for a while? Is just being together at the end of the movie what passes for a romantic happy ending today? In the words of Kenny Rogers, “Who needs tomorrow; we’ve got tonight.”

Or am I just jaded?

2 Responses

  1. You’re completely right. I don’t even want to see a movie where the “relationship” is basically based on good sex. Reason number one that I can’t stand “The Notebook” either. Even though they do end up growing old together – the book and the movie are both clear it’s because their physical passion never wanes. I call BS.

    If they grew old together, it will be because they worked crazy hard at it, and got each other through the good, bad, and ugly of relationships.

    Sorry for spouting. This is a pet peeve of mine.

  2. I don’t think you’re jaded; I think you’re in touch with reality. True love is messy and not based completely on sexual desire. Otherwise, once the physical desire fades (aging, etc.), there’s nothing to keep the two people together. Real love involves committment and respect and forgiveness…all of this gets a little messy because we’re all messed-up people in one way or another!

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