En Vogue

This is the latest in my series of blog entries taking a fresh look at a variety of topics. I’ve set up a page on the blog explaining the project and linking to my entries. This post’s topic is “Fashion.”

david hitt

Here’s the interesting thing about fashion. When you look at pictures of people from the last 50 years, they look ridiculous.

Since I’ve been able to dress myself — well, say since college, to avoid having to include the horrible red pants of high school — I’ve always worn stuff that seemed pretty normal.

When does normal turn into ridiculous?

Or do we only remember the stereotypical styles of any particular time and forget perfectly normal stuff being worn at the same time.

Today, I’m wearing a pair of blue jeans and a blue short-sleeve knit shirt. Is there a day coming when I’ll think, “oh, gosh, I can’t believe I wore that”? Or are some things going to be safe? Do we ever know in real-time?

Have you ever worn anything that you knew was going to look ridiculous in ten years?