Recipe: Low-Carb French Toast

I’m posting this partially to go along with my weight loss post, and partially because it amuses to have a recipe on my blog. Seems rather unlikely somehow.


2 pieces of low-carb sliced bread (Such as Healthy Life)
1 egg
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon Splenda
Cinnamon to taste

Cover pan with non-stick spray; heat to medium-high heat. Whip together egg, cream, cinnamon and Splenda. Dip bread into wet mixture and place into a pan heated on meduim heat and cook until browned.

Optionally, the bread can be cut into strips before dipping. If increasing the recipe, note that the mixture makes more than is necessary for two pieces of bread; doubling the mixture should be adequate for six pieces of bread. I don’t know the exact carb count, but most of the carbs will be in the bread slices. The mixture adds a little over one carb for each slice of bread.

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