Pictures Of Valentines

This is the story of two photo nerds on a date.

Both Heather and I are doing the 365project, where you take a picture every day. We take a lot of pictures.

I forget whether I started taking a picture of my salad first, or whether Heather said I should because I said it looked good. She said I could use it for my picture of the day. She didn’t know I already had one.

But at that point, the picture taking had started.

I took a picture of our cheesecake.

So did Heather. The waiter saw it untouched on the middle of the table. He asked if something was wrong with it.

Nothing was wrong with it. It was quite good.

Heather suggested I take the “after” picture. I did.

I took this “after” picture, too. This is Heather “after.” Doesn’t she look happy?

More food. This is the reception they had during intermission at the play. The food and the play were good. The play was a little strange. The food was yummy.

Here’s the set of the play. Another “after” picture.

This is the picture I had taken earlier in the day.

I didn’t buy these flowers. I just took a picture of them.

But I did give Heather this today. She liked it.

The End.

Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!!

(With apologies to AKA Jane Random. Heather posted her pictures and story on her blog, also.)

Support the National Space Society 2011 Blitz

I’m blogging this only in part because I helped write it; I also obviously support it. (Also, I will be speaking, signing books and serving as a panelist at the ISDC 2011 mentioned at the end.)

The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

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(Washington, DC — February 12, 2011)
Dear Concerned Citizens:

The future of space exploration in America is at a crossroads, and NOW is your opportunity to be involved in shaping that future!

The National Space Society and the Space Exploration Alliance invite you to participate in the annual Legislative Blitz in Washington, D.C. from February 27 to March 1. The 2011 Blitz comes at a crucial moment. In September 2010, Congress passed the NASA Authorization Act of 2010. It is now time for Congress to enact legislation that appropriates the required funding in compliance with the Authorization Act.

In the current economic climate, however, it is uncertain which path our nation’s leaders will now take. Following the 2010 election, a new Congress will now vote to fund NASA. More than ever before, it is absolutely critical that the voices of the space advocacy community be heard in the debate over the future of our nation’s space program.

Over 100 meetings are anticipated with Congressional offices. Blitz participants will have the opportunity to discuss the future direction of our nation’s space program. Come join space advocates from around the country to let Congress know that there is strong constituent support for an ambitious space program.

You can register to participate in the Legislative Blitz by following this link ( Register Now! ), or, for more information contact Rick Zucker at

If you can not attend please consider lending your financial support to the effort ( Online Donation )

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Gary P. Barnhard, Executive Director, National Space Society

P.S. – The International Space Development Conference is being held in Huntsville, AL May 18-22, 2011. You can find all the details here (  ISDC 2011 )