No Big Loss

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the weight loss contest Heather and I are participating in at work.

So far, it’s slow going, with spurts of losing mixed in with plateaus and ups-and-downs just frequently enough to keep me from giving up.

In over three weeks, I’ve lost about a dozen pounds. Not bad, but almost all of that was in the first couple of weeks. Since then, there’s not much progress.

Part of that may be the fact that I’ve gotten too good at low-carb dieting. When I started doing this diet the first time, about eight years ago, I lost a lot of weight very quickly. Which confused me later, since, in retrospect, some of what I ate wasn’t really as low-carb as I thought. I was picking foods that were nominally low-carb, but ignoring the serving size. Not over-eating even, but, for example, hot dog chili appeared at first to be much lower carb than other no-bean chili, but, in reality, the carb count is lower only because the serving size, intended to just cover a hot dog versus to be a meal, is much smaller. Eat it as a serving of chili, and it’s not nearly as low-carb as I thought it was.

So if my carb count wasn’t as low as I thought it was, why did I lose as much as quickly as I did? Well, because I didn’t know many things I could eat, and as a result, I was eating less. These days, I’m good at this. I know where to find things. I know how to make things, how to create alternatives to things. The other day I ate low-carb french toast, eggs and sausage. It was good, but it was a full meal; a much better meal than I would have eaten in those early days.

It’s much easier to watch my carbs these days than it was for me eight years ago, but that means it’s also easier for me to eat a lot more food while doing it.

We’ll see. Four more months to go. Just gotta work harder.

3 Responses

  1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one…

  2. Carbs always confuse me!

  3. Really? That’s funny. I went low-carb because to me it was the least confusing. Meat, cheese, eggs; eat as much as you want. Bread, sugar; don’t touch ’em. As I’ve gone on, I’ve gotten more finessed with it, but starting out, it was way less confusing than stuff like Weight Watchers, which struck me as re-enrolling in a math class. Different strokes, I suppose.

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