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I did one of these last month, and called it “What You’re Looking For.” But working on this one, I remembered that back in the good old days of my previous blog, “All These Worlds,” I called lists of recent search strings that people used to find my blog the “Regular Richie Feature” in honor of my good friend Richie Younce. Why? I don’t know. But this one’s for you, Richie.

• puppy in my pocket 90s

• presents booty

• weapons used for punishments

• do you know what’s in my pocket? such a lot of treasures in it

• blue batman pills

• what to say when you lose someone in earthquake tragedy

• tron legacy took daughter

• paul simon will not cancel my order

• where to purchase ladybag® – the new pocket urinal, made in germany

• what stories do mexican people tell at christmas time?

• saving a newspaper

• i am truly grateful that faith has taken me past the question why zig ziglar

• new movie – mom made easy on dirty stain

4 Responses

  1. Careful…if you take too many blue Batman pills, you turn into Val Kilmer.

  2. Thanks for the warning! I was hoping for Batman Smurf!

  3. Thanks for the regeneration of the feature. I also can’t remember the exact reason for the name of the search check. maybe that you did it once and I was fascinated by the odd results? Or was it that I could never remeber how to get to “All These Worlds” (or “You must fight the Bear”) and had to do my own odd searches)

    This time my favorites are “puppy in my pocket 90s” (cause its sort of like candypockets) and “paul simon will not cancel my order” ’cause it raises SO many questions

    also, the blue batman pills are basically venom, the drug bane is addicted to, correct? Thus, I conclude Dave Hitt is now a steriod-ripped juice head

  4. You should totally have your new children’s book idea be “Mr. Puppypockets.” I would read that. Wouldn’t let the boys anywhere near it, but I would read it.

    Also, I will break you, Richie Younce.

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