Regular Richie Feature

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I did one of these last month, and called it “What You’re Looking For.” But working on this one, I remembered that back in the good old days of my previous blog, “All These Worlds,” I called lists of recent search strings that people used to find my blog the “Regular Richie Feature” in honor of my good friend Richie Younce. Why? I don’t know. But this one’s for you, Richie.

• puppy in my pocket 90s

• presents booty

• weapons used for punishments

• do you know what’s in my pocket? such a lot of treasures in it

• blue batman pills

• what to say when you lose someone in earthquake tragedy

• tron legacy took daughter

• paul simon will not cancel my order

• where to purchase ladybag® – the new pocket urinal, made in germany

• what stories do mexican people tell at christmas time?

• saving a newspaper

• i am truly grateful that faith has taken me past the question why zig ziglar

• new movie – mom made easy on dirty stain