More 365 Rejects

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned in lately, but I’ve been participating in the 365project for, well, over a year now.

I didn’t actually take a picture every day, so I’ve continued over into this year. I’m currently about 90 percent complete for the project.

At the end of the year, I used Apple’s iPhoto to order a book of about 40 of my favorite photos, and was really pleased with how it turned out. It turns out if you take enough pictures, you might actually get some halfway decent ones.

And that’s true not only for the year, but also just on a day-to-day basis.

This, for example, was my picture of the day for last Sunday:

That picture, however, was one of 50 I took that day. Some of those were just practical shots, to go with blog posts or to document things or whatever. But a decent number were shot with the idea that they could be 365 pics. Of those, a many were different shots of the same thing, of which only the best would actually be candidates for the site. And then, of those, I had to pick the best combination of subject and shot for what I actually posted.

I’m pleased with what I went with, but here are some of the other candidates:

I’ll point out, last Sunday was atypical. There are plenty of days I have to pick the best picture, and some days I have to pick from multiple pictures and subjects, but there are also plenty of days that I use the only picture I took, whether it was for 365project or not. And, like I said, plenty of days I forget to take a picture at all.

You can see my 365project here, and you can sign up for yourself here.

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  1. All those pics are great. 🙂

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