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There are ideas, and then there are bad ideas.

This, I imagine, falls into the latter category.

I read this thing on WordPress the other day about the Post A Day 2011 challenge.  The idea is, shockingly, that you post on your blog every day in 2011. (There’s also a Post A Week challenge for people who post less frequently, but I’m way past that.)

I’m already pretty close to the post-per-day mark lately (in fact, I might should take the Post A Week challenge to bring my count down), but I thought this would be an interesting project, particularly as some other projects, like Reconstruction, that I’ve been doing wind down.  There have also been some things in the last couple of months that have boosted the profile of my blog a bit, so this seems like a next logical step.

That said — I’m not writing on my blog every day, I’m posting on my blog every day. I’ve already gotten into the habit of scheduling things to publish in advance, and that’ll be part of how I do this.  There are days that are just not days for blogging, ya know?

And, also, to me, to some extent, a blog is shared between a writer and readers. Some of you read via an aggregator or e-mail subscription, and really may not want a post a day from me. If it’s getting to be too much, or not worth it. Let me know.

Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Nothing Changes On New Year’s Day

Years ago, science fiction grandmaster Arthur C. Clarke wrote a book, a sequel, titled “2010.” It was about the future.

The future is now past.

It’s a new day. A new year. A new future. Not the one that the book, or other futurists envisioned. But an amazing one nonetheless.

As Paul Simon wrote of a different past future, “these are the days of miracle and wonder.”We live in an amazing age, of amazing possibility.

Heather wrote a post recently about “Rediscovering the Art of Lost Treasure.”  I think Bill Watterson said it well: “There’s Treasure Everywhere.”

Make resolutions if you want. Don’t if you don’t. The truth is, a good year is the one that isn’t defined by the things you wanted at its beginning, but the one that is defined by things you never would have thought to dream, by the hidden treasure. Go. Find yours.

I’ll see you out there.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” -Roald Dahl