This Is An Abomination

This is an abomination.

I posted a picture at the beginning of this year of Easter candy at Wal-Mart I took on January 2.

But this? This is ridiculous. Easter candy before Christmas? Let’s get Christ born before we kill Him, you know?

“Spring Is In The Air”? No, it’s not. Monday was still freakin’ fall, for heaven’s sake. Winter has just started; there’s a whole season before spring.

It’s bad enough that Christmas keeps creeping earlier and earlier into the year. It used to be that Christmas stuff started coming out after Thanksgiving. And then, it started showing up a little before Thanksgiving. And now stores are selling Christmas before Halloween. But, you know, Christmas should be the hard stop. Nothing should be sold for holidays after Christmas until after Christmas. Maybe, maybe new New Year’s stuff. But that’s it. No Valentine’s Day, and certainly no Easter, more than four months early. There’s gotta be a line somewhere.

To be honest, I really like Cadbury Creme Eggs, and would have kinda of liked to have bought one. But, dang it, I’m not going to encourage them.

2 Responses

  1. Soon we shall live in a world where all holidays merge into one giant blur of Christiweenieeastgiving.

  2. Wow….that’s even worse than the Valentine’s stuff at Target I blogged about this week. And when you think about it, kinda gross, too. To get into stores now, that Easter candy had to be made at least 2 months ago. And Easter is late next year (April 24th) so that means this stuff sits around for almost 6 months before being consumed.

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