The Forest For The Trees

This is the latest in my series of blog entries taking a fresh look at a variety of topics over the year. I’ve set up a page on the blog explaining the project and linking to my entries. This post’s topic is “Forests.”

I wanted to do better than my post a couple of weeks ago about Gardening, which was the single worst post I’ve done in this series, but I genuinely had nothing to say about gardening. It’s just not a very me subject.

That post was so frustrating that I was automatically frustrated when I saw that the next topic was Forests, which initially struck me as little better than Gardening in the me-having-something-to-say-about-it area.

My first thought was basically, I have no experience or thoughts about forests that I can write about.

Somewhere in there, Heather offered to write a guest post for this topic that would, in fact, have been awesome, but she also said that she wasn’t going to be able to write it in anywhere near the time I needed to get this series wrapped up anytime soon, so I had to pass, but I really hope that she writes it on her blog, because, as I mentioned, it will be awesome. (I also hope she’ll make good on her guest-post interest before too long.)

My third thought — OK, what else can we do with “forests.” Something figurative? Metaphorical? Hmmm. Forests. Forests. What’ve we got?

Well, there’s the whole “can’t see the forest for the trees” cliché. Anything there? Hmmm.

Hey, wait, what exactly is a forest? Pull out the iPhone, open, type in forest, and — “a large tract of land covered with trees and underbrush.” So, when you’re walking through an area that’s basically nothing but trees, that’s a forest? Like all those hours I’ve spent in the last couple of years doing exactly that? All that time has been in forests, and I’m sitting here saying I don’t have any experience with them?

I would like to think of myself as the sort of person who is good at metaphorically seeing the forest for the trees. Having the realization that I can’t even do that literally was a rather good wake-up call.

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