It was sort of early Christmas present, but one that I have to wait two months to fully receive.

For a moment there last week, I was prematurely excited. I saw a tweet about Amazon in Europe listing Lori McKenna’s new album, Lorraine,and went to see whether it was also listed in the U.S. version. And, indeed, the Amazon app on my iPhone showed me that the mp3 download version of the album was available for $8.99. I rushed to a computer as quickly as I could, only to discover that while the downloads are listed, they aren’t, technically, available until January 25.

But it was exciting seeing the track listing. I’ve been a little “worried” about it for a while. If you’re not familiar with my long-standing love of Lori McKenna, here’s an old post I wrote that sort of summarizes things.

Lori’s last album, the brilliant Unglamorous,came out just over three years ago, and since then, I’ve collected a good number of unreleased tracks that have leaked out in a variety of places, and I was beginning to worry that I was going to basically have Lorraine before it was ever released.

Looking at the track list, however, there are only three songs that I already have — The Luxury of Knowing, If He Tried and Sweet Disposition. (I was curious as to whether Luxury of Knowing would be included after it was included on the new Keith Urban album as a Target exclusive track.) Which means that there are 10 new Lori McKenna songs on the album that I’ve never heard before. This makes me a happy man.

In a weird way, seeing which songs weren’t on the album made me happy as well — I’m glad knowing that paying attention over the last three years means that I’m not missing out on some incredible songs that aren’t included. At one point way back when, Lori said that “Make Every Word Hurt” might be the title track for the album; and it would have merited it. As it is, it’s not included. And it amazes me that Lori has such a great notebook that something like “Like No One’s Ever Hurt You At All” could be a lost gem.

For now, though, there’s that two month wait. I read somewhere that she’s planning a local release of the album in December before the nationwide January release, so now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to track down a copy.

After all, there clearly could be no purpose other than teasing me personally to announce that there’s a Lori McKenna song I haven’t heard named named Rocket Science.