Galaxy of Lights

Heather, the boys and I went through the walking tour of the Galaxy of Lights display at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens Saturday night.

I had done both the walking tour and driving tour before, and while the latter, “normal” way of seeing it is nice, too, I really think the walking tour is a lot more fun; it gives you more time to really experience and enjoy the lights, and is an enjoyable outing. (All four of us took our own cameras, and that made it a little more fun as well; though, looking at the gallery above, it seems I was a bit biased in what I shot. It’s not really half about space, I assure you.)

You can still do the walking tour tonight and tomorrow, and then the drive through nights run from Thursday until New Year’s Day. (Full information is on the Botanical Gardens website.)

Thanksgiving With the Kranzes

If you haven’t seen this brilliant, note-perfect piece of space-related Thanksgiving levity, today is your lucky day! Watch! Enjoy! Heck, even if you have seen it, how better to get into the Thanksgiving spirit!