This is my 500th post! Yay, me! And thanks to everyone who reads!

I still feel like I’m making it up as I go along with this blog, and it feels like it’s a little more free to evolve than my old blog, All These Worlds. was. As a result, feedback is always welcome!

For example, this past weekend, Christina Tutor told me she misses the old playlist challenges I used to do from time to time on ATW. So, for Christina, and in honor of my 500th post:

The Numbers Playlist

Name songs that include numbers in the title, trying to come up with numbers that haven’t been listed yet. Numbers don’t have to be listed in order.

For example, I’ll start off things off with the first three:

— One — U2
— Two of Us — The Beatles
— Three Little Birds — Bob Marley

4 Responses

  1. I can’t see the other comments, but here are a few:

    In the Year 2525 – Zager & Evans

    25 Minutes to Go – Johnny Cash

    50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon

    One is the Lonliest Number – Three Dog Night

    99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

  2. Three is the Magic Number — Schoolhouse Rock

    My Hero Zero — Schoolhouse Rock

    1 2 3 4 — Fiest

    867-5309 — Tommy Tutone

    1901 — Phoenix

    1985 — Bowling for Soup

    1979 — Smashing Pumpkins

    900 miles — Blue Mountain

    500 miles — The Proclaimers

    Chicago X 12 — Rogue Wave

    25 or 6 to 4 — Chicago

    Cloud Nine — Ben Howard

    And for fun …

    Add it up — Violent Femmes

  3. I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar

    1984 (song and album) by Van Halen

    A Million Miles Away – The Plimsouls

    30 Days in the Hole – Humble Pie

    The Number of the Beast (666) – Iron Maiden

    The 12 Days of Christmas – Bob & Doug McKenzie

    24/7 Spies – 24/7 Spies

    16 Tons – Roger Whitaker (I think)

    When I’m 64 – The Beatles

    68 Guns – The Alarm

  4. Filling in some of the gaps:

    Five Minutes — Garrison Starr (you don’t have that one, Mrs. Tutor?)

    7 — Prince

    Eight Easy Steps — Alanis Morissette

    Ten — Jewel

    11 O’Clock Tick Tock — U2

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