An Open Letter


We humans are terribly experiential creatures. We can know about something that we’ve never seen, we can believe something we’ve only been told, but it’s not the same.

We don’t know something that we’ve only heard the same way we know something we’ve experienced. We believe in protons and Zimbabwe and George Washington, but not in the same way we believe in hugs and cars and mothers.

At this point in your life, you’ve heard a lot about this person called “you,” from parents and friends and teachers and lovers. And they all have some interesting facts and opinions and descriptions of “you.” But even though you’ve seen a little bit yourself, you haven’t really experienced you.

Go. Go new places. Do new things. Wear new clothes. Sing new songs. Eat new foods. Read new books. Seek. Explore. Discover. Keep the ones that are you. Throw away the ones that aren’t, no matter who tells you they are. You’re more amazing than anyone can describe to you.

And, somewhere in your exploration, you will find you. And, for the first time, fully experience you.

And, when you do, you will truly believe in you.

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