No E's Allowed

From a Plinky prompt: "Write a 100-word story without using the letter "e" in any words. (It's a tough one!)"

Second quilt and pillow

I’m waking up, abandoning my pillow, moving toward starting my day. Morning tasks await — a blur of soap, toothbrush, shampoo, shirt, pants, milk, oat grains in colorful sugary form. In my car and off to work. My Mac BONGS as it starts up; hours in my chair await as I do my duty for God and country, probably mostly country. Finally — finally — I’m through. It’s Monday night, a night for practicing improv, sharing laughs, having fun. Hours pass, laughs do, in fact, occur. I go back to my halls, to my room. My pillow is waiting. Zzzzzzz.

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2 Responses

  1. Great job, David. I’ve never tried to write a story without using a particular letter, though I’ve seen writing prompts like this. (I get too frustrated.) I hope you got some good sleep afterward; writing something like this would wear me out!

  2. There are actually a couple of books that I’ve heard of (and one I have) that were written without the letter E. More impressively, one of them, Georges Perec’s “A Void” was written in French and then translated into English, both without the letter E. I write something like this, and then I think about that, and it’s more than a little humbling.

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