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My friend Lain sent me an e-mail this morning written using the new Google Scribe tool, which offers autocomplete suggestions as you type. For the following paragraph, I wrote the words “This blog” and accepted the Google Scribe suggestions for everything after that, basically one word at a time.

This blog is protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works into the public domain in these countries are not asked to do something about it that I can not find them anywhere else online or in your area of interest and then to their children and grandchildren of these two types of information that is not appropriate for all users of the catalogue should also be noted that there is anything you would not believe how much I loved them all and I’ma let you finish but Beyonce had one of these days I’ll bet your life on the road today and they are nothing but another form of therapy for these patients is not known whether these are the only ones who can not afford to pay for their own users.

Since I write a lot of theology stuff on this blog, I figured I would see what Google Scribe has to say about the subject, starting with just the word “Jesus”:

Jesus is the Christmas tree and then they will become more apparent from the following detailed description of these properties are not well understood and therefore not available for this item is available online at the comfort of your home close to your family and friends together for another year of amazing pictures online featuring the world famous Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus for Blind and Visually Impaired Children.

What about a quick Apple-related post?

Apple iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch Forums Reader with YouTube Autoshare makes certain YouTube activities public on the services you are comfortable with their own unique style of musical composition and performance of their duties and responsibilities of their jobs and their proportion against the total number of page views delivered based on the seller and the listing broker as an agent of the present invention.

Some space, perhaps?

Skylab 2 missions as well as their ownership of their owners and are strictly for viewing and printing of these books are nothing but another form of therapy for these patients.

What does Google Scribe have to say about me?

David Hitt and Brynjolfsson, E. and J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis and the News Media and the Greening of the Campus Center and the Pentagon Papers case for their own users and groups to their Friends / Favorites list yet, so I’ma keep popping up in their own right and do not want to be related to their particular field or industry in which they are attached.

One last, this time not just choosing the first suggestion, but picking amongst the first ten it gives:

Now I’m not sure if it is possible to find anyone who writes about her adventures with honesty and integrity that comes from being the best possible experience of a lifetime of love and loss and grief and they are all very different from those of us who live in glass jars containing all the necessary information to make it easier to see and do and perform all the work of art itself, thereby creating an electrical connection between two people who love each other very easily and quickly.